Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday June 11, 2012

BB Gymnastics
1) 7X2 Snatch off High Blocks – heavy but fast, rest 60 sec. Demo 1Demo 2
Notes: Blocks should raise the bar to somewhere between the knees and the pockets. DO NOT push the knees forward, on the other side of the bar, and allow the torso to raise into a vertical position. The barbell should be directly under the shoulder blades, with the knees only slightly in front of the bar when starting off blocks. Make sure to set the back before pulling, load the hamstrings, and DO NOT jump forward. If jumping forward is an issue make sure to finish pulling the bar all the way to the pelvis and keep the heels loaded until the last possible second.
No blocks, subbed hang snatches.  135lb

2a) 4X3 Snatch High-Pulls – heavy, rest 60 sec.  95lb (go much heavier next time)
2b) 4X3 Drop Snatch – medium/heavy and fast, rest 60 sec.  95lb  very hard not to heave.  did roughly half correctly.  will keep weight until technique is perfect.
Notes: Drop Snatch definition courtesy of Catalyst Athletics: “Sometimes used synonymously with snatch balance, the drop snatch is actually slightly different. While in the snatch balance, the athlete uses a dip and drive of the legs to unload the bar momentarily before driving under it, in the drop snatch, the athlete must drive under the bar with no upward push at all. This greatly limits the loads that can be used in the exercise, and as a consequence, limits its utility. It’s more appropriate as part of a warm-up or to be used while progressing up toward heavier snatch balances.”
1a) 4X8 Weighted “Strict” GH Raise – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec. (no swing, start from a position parallel to the floor) Demo Video  No Weight.  first time doing these.  Wow they are hard!
1b) 4X3 BB TGU – heaviest possible, 3 each arm, rest 60 sec.  75lb  Heavy, but felt good.  Dropped bar on 2nd set and bar fell on right hand.  Jammed the wrist pretty good.  Was unable to finish workout.   Hopefully the wrist will feel good tomorrow.

5 Muscle-Ups
Row 100m
4 Muscle-Ups
Row 200m
3 Muscle-Ups
Row 300m
2 Muscle-Ups
Row 400m
1 Muscle-Up
Row 500m
NOT for time.
Notes: This entire effort should be performed at approximately 80% effort. Do not redline, but do not be lazy.
Did not do conditioning.  Wrist/hand injury.

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